Food Available for Delivery Whilst the pub is currently closed.
1PM - 9PM daily, please call 0208 305 6503 or
07412 912 931 to place your order.
The Birds Nest
Triple Fried Chunky Chips or Skinny Fries
Add cheese
Add cheese & chorizo
Add chilli con carne

[Chips/fries not included with burgers] All meat is hand picked & locally sourced. Burgers
will be served slightly pink unless otherwise stated.
£2.50 Add an extra patty to any burger
£3.50 Hamburger
6oz patty/ homemade mayo/ dill pickle/ salad
£4.00 Cheese Burger
6oz patty/ homemade mayo/ dill pickle/ salad/ cheese
£6.00 Breakfast Burger
6oz beef patty/ fried egg/ bacon/ mushroom/ tomato
£6.00 Stilton Burger
6oz patty/ Stilton/ garlic mayo/ baby gem lettuce/ bacon
£5.00 Jalapeño Burger
6oz patty/ stuffed with cheese & jalapeños with BBQ sauce
£6.00 Avocado Burger
6oz patty/ avocado/ crispy bacon/ cheese/ garlic mayo/ red onion
£5.00 Wasabi Burger
6oz beef patty/ wasabi/ pickled ginger/ rocket
£6.00 Hawaiian Burger
6oz patty/ cheese/ pineapple/ gammon/ tomato/ ketchup
£10.00 The Birds Nest Challenger Burger
1 x 12oz patty/ portobello mushroom/ ham hock/ cheese/ rocket/ tomato/ red onion/ secret spicy sauce
£10.00 The Birds Nest Tower Burger
2 x 6oz patties/ hash brown/ maple syrup bacon/ fried egg/ baby gem lettuce/ red onion/ tomato/ garlic mayo
£4.50 Chicken Burger
Chargrilled chicken breast coated in herbs & spices served with salad & BBQ sauce
£4.50 Cajun Chicken Burger
Spiced chicken breast coated in bread crumbs with tomato/ red onion/ salad/ garlic mayo
£5.50 Fish Finger Sandwich
Fresh cod fillet/ rocket/ tartare sauce
£– – – Mockery Burger [V] [VG]
All burgers can be replaced with a Vegan Seitan mock beef or chicken burger. Price: same as original burger.
£4.00 Spicy Bean Burger [V]
3 bean burger/ chilli/ paprika/ garlic/ parsley/ salad
£4.00 Falafel Burger [V]
Falafel burger/ tzatziki/ coriander/ baby gem/ tomato
£6.00 Gluten Free Portobello Mushroom Burger [V] [VG]
Grilled portobello mushroom/ roasted peppers/ aubergine/ rocket/ red onion/ pesto
£6.00 Pulled Pork Wrap
Cider pickled red & white cabbage/ red onion/ crunchy lettuce/ BBQ sauce
£6.00 Chicken Souvlaki Wrap
Tzatziki/ lemon/ skinny chips/ lettuce/ onion/ tomato
£6.00 Southern Fried Chicken Wrap
Cheese/ spicy salsa/ iceberg/ red onion/ tomato
£6.00 Lamb Köfte Wrap
Garlic sauce/ sweet chilli/ pickled cabbage/ red onion/ lettuce
£6.00 Halloumi Wrap [V]
Roasted vegetables/ houmous/ red onion/ lettuce
£6.00 Portobello Mushroom Wrap [VG]
Basil pesto/ aubergine/ courgette/ peppers/ rocket/ tomato
£6.00 Vegan Wraps
Ask staff for details