Fallen Lillies / MESS / Girls Like Us
11 April 2020
8pm to 11pm
Free Entry

Fallen Lillies / MESS / Girls Like Us

After a two year absence we are well chuffed to have Fallen Lillies back in town for what will be a banger of a show.

From 8pm
Free Entry

Fallen Lillies
We are 4 young women in our twenties, ready to show the world that we\'re not part of the decor. We\'re from a small region of France, on the border of Switzerland, but we\'re ready to take over the world.
Our sound is distorted and overdriven, inspired by the heavy rock scene that we incense. And we\'ve been working our ass off since November to get on stage as soon as possible. So beware and listen!

East London quartet MESS have been crafting powerfully distorted, female fronted guitar rock. The sound of the band is inspired by many facets of life like empowerment, rebellious outbursts and the feeling you get when you\'ve just had enough.
The band’s stockpile of songs pay homage to music that will make you want to dance, sing loud and crowdsurf, like hard rock, grunge, punk and garage. This is MESS - an all girl band apart from the boys.
*Promoters note* There is no music in the public domain so you\'ll just have to trust me when I say how good they are.

Girls Like Us
3 piece grunge punk band from London.
Early 90\'S Grunge / The noise your cat makes when she\'s on heat!