Triple Bill Attack Show: Electric Litany / Howling Fiends / Acid River
25 April 2020
8pm to 11pm
Free Entry

Triple Bill Attack Show: Electric Litany / Howling Fiends / Acid River

Electric Litany
In their formative years Electric Litany occupied a series of abandoned buildings in East London. United by an affinity for post rock, synth pop and electronica and a lack of financial resources the four-piece spent a year refining their sound in Town Halls and derelict bars before performing to audiences across the capital.

Within months the haunting, ethereal soundscapes captured the attention of audiences and industry alike, although it wasn’t until the release of their debut album “How To Be A Child And Win The War” in 2010 that the band gained international recognition.

Their sound seems to rise from the ashes of a lo-fi world, maintaining the lyricism and their characteristic \"haunting\" atmosphere. Using eerie vocals, pauses that embrace some of the pious silence of a prayer; melancholic atmospheres and dynamic guitars. Haunting melodies, elaborately orchestrated. Lonesome lyrics, few words that have a lot to convey.

2011 saw the band embark on a tour of Europe with Interpol and Archive furthering the band’s popularity. One of those encapsulated by the sound was renowned producer Alan Parsons who met with the band to discuss the collaboration for their second album “Enduring Days You Will Overcome”. The album is the fruit of a difficult and stagnant era.

The band released the “Love\" EP in 2016 marking the second collaboration with associate producer Alan Parsons and arguable fifth band member sound engineer George Botis. They followed this with a European tour seeing them headlining several of Europe’s most acclaimed festivals.

In 2017 Electric Litany rented an isolated building in Corfu where they began work on what will be their 3rd studio album. The ambitious nine track record will be the most accessible yet sonically diverse work to date. Their 3rd album and 5th release will be out in 2019.

The Howling Fiends
Psych Garage Rock

Acid River
Stoner Rock